Who we are

February 1942. My grandparents were in Singapore. He ( Arthur Dickinson) was Chief of Police; she (Constance Ethel – I love that name) was a pianist,and her job included putting on concerts for the troops.

Then the Japanese invaded. My grandparents were locked up in Changi Prison until the end of the war.

A bowl of rice a day and some water.

On their return to England, they both tried to work again, and struggled on for a few years.

But then they heard about a little shack in Millook Valley that was for sale for £400. They bought it and started work.

I was three and a half, and absolutely fell in love with Millook Water

Then my grandparents could no longer cope.

My parents took it over in the seventies, and in 2010 Jill and I took it on.

The cottage has been rented out to friends and family for over 60 years. We reckon that nearly 1,000 different people have loved coming here.

We hope that our daughters Alice and Jennie will take it on when we get a bit doddery.

We are sure you will enjoy your stay at Millook Water.; Christopher and Jill Asbury.