A good walk

Walk out of Millook Water and turn left upstream. The waterfall is on your left. Stand above it and wait patiently for herons and kingfishers.

Continue following the stream up the valley. The meadow has, amongst other wild flowers, Yellow Rattle:

Follow the footpath to the right of the meadow. Look out for this little chap:

or these big fellows

Turn right up the hill just before the cottage in the woods at the footpath sign. Climb the steep hill and enter the Woodland Trust woods. Continue to the top and cross the road. You now cross the road and look down on Cancleave Strand.

Continue northwards back towards Millook. Look out for the saddle rock. Perched on top of the headland there is usually a Peregrine Falcon.

Now drop down into the valley and look at the geology of the zigzag cliff.

Zigzag cliff courtesy of Paul Asbury

As you round the hairpin bend, drop down to the sea and go to the beach to check the sea is still there.

The gate to the beach

Then return to the cottage for beer and crisps by the stream.