Never before has peace and relaxation been so necessary. Detoxing from the hideous things which are going on in the world helps to generate hope and new life.

What is the point of going on holiday if you have to be in constant touch with the office?

Holiday is a time to get away.

Millook offers the rare pleasure of peace and quiet. No traffic noise. No blue light from a router constantly reminding you of the world back home.

At Millook Water we have resisted wifi. This is deliberate.

There is rarely mobile signal. (Some say you can get signal at high tide.)

This is all a cause for panic in children. The misery lasts for a few hours, but thereafter something magical happens: they discover the stream and that it can be dammed. They discover the beach with its rockpools, fish, crabs and lobsters (be patient!).

Most amazingly, they discover their parents and realise they are human and can talk.

The evenings turn into times of chat and fun, card games and board games. We have loads of board games and puzzles in the cupboards.

Rainy days, and the discovery of books. Books for children, books for adults; novels and ghost stories; books on wildlife and books of poetry; dictionaries, books of quotations, encyclopedias. There are plenty of books at Millook Water, including the visitors’ books going back years. Have a look below at this recent extract:

And this:

And this:

This just 3 of many hundreds of similar comments. We are reassured every time we go to Millook. Our visitors have always said the same things since 1957 when I came here as a boy of four.